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We are a family living in the Alaskan wilderness, harvesting wild salmon in commercial quantities during the short summer season. We love our lifestyle, and what we do. We are paid for our catch by a cannery that, contrary to the name, usually freezes our bright red salmon. We are not a lodge that hosts visitors who sport-fish, nor do we provide any commercial services to the public. Our passion is wild salmon. Our goal for this web site is to share our story and our passion, to share the recipes that feed our family in the wilderness, and to tell you about Kodiak Island and an amazing fish, Alaskan Wild Salmon.  

Our place is called Dog Salmon Fish Site. What a dull name! I have always wanted to change it, but the custom in Alaska is to name your place according to a nearby feature. The beautiful mountain behind our cabin is nameless, so everyone here refers to us as Dog Salmon, the wild fish that spawn in the salt water slough about a mile away. 


Time and usage and love of place has numbed my objections. But it wasn’t always so. At first fish camp had only a meager cabin to live in with small windows and no running water or insulation. Frequent wind and rain shook the foundation. The beach was boulder-filled. There was no place for my two small children to run and play. Town was ninety miles away by air. There were no roads. There still aren’t.

But this place called Dog Salmon took unfair advantage because just when I was scared, bored or chaffing at confinement, the sunrise would be spectacular, a dolphin would leap and blow, an eagle would kee, kee, kee, or a bear would rise up out of the grass. My heart would thump and I felt alive to the beauty, the excitement. I fell in love, hard, for this rugged island in the North Pacific and for our special opportunity to live close to nature and make a living at whatever the cost.